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Adriana Escobar continues with her preparation in Chile for the San Salvador 2023 Games

Salvadoran rowing athlete Adriana Escobar continues her preparation in Chile, and she keeps great projections for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023 Qualifiers, and for the Central American and Caribbean Games 2023.

Escobar did high-altitude training for 21 days in Laguna del Inca, in Portillo, Chile, a place that is over 2,800 meters above sea level. The athlete arrived today in Carauma, Valparaíso, where she will spend the next 30 days refining her technique for the Pan American Qualifier in April.

“It was more like a high-altitude and strength training. I trained with 20 Chilean athletes and three coaches”, Escobar commented.

The Salvadoran athlete explained that she will continue her preparation with the Chilean national team at the Centro de Alto Rendimiento in Carauma.

“I will prepare for the Pan American Games qualifier tournament here. Coming to train in Chile is the best that could have happened to me this year. What’s important is that I am motivated, and I have trained a lot. There have been improvements in the quality and quantity of work I can do, and I am mentally stronger; also, I have the opportunity to compete with other women here. Having this kind of practice is of great help”, the athlete, who has been rowing for 12 years, said.

Adriana started her preparation route in Valdivia, where she did resistance training three times a day, then she moved to Laguna del Inca, Portillo.

“Everything is focused on the preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games. In last year’s qualifiers I earned four bronze medals, and I hope I can get two silver medals in the San Salvador 2023 Games. That is my projection for single scull and double scull”, Adriana commented.

Escobar will be competing in her third Central American and Caribbean Games, the first ones as a local. She has already represented the country in Veracruz 2014, and in Barranquilla 2018.

“I am more motivated for these games because they will be in our turf (Ilopango Lake), I already know how it is, and I am familiar with it since 2011; that is what gives me more confidence. We will have strong opponents, so we have to work hard during next few months”, she said.

For the Pan American Games qualifiers, scheduled for April 15th to April 19th in Concepción, the athlete explained that he is optimistic and motivated.

“They removed the single scull category from the Pan American Games, which is the one in which I was qualified in the Pan American Games Lima 2019. Now we are trying to define for which boats we could qualify, single open, double scull, or double open. To qualify for the single open, I would need to be within the best 12; for double scull I would need to be among the 9 bests, same for double open”, the athlete mentioned.

Adriana is looking a place in her third Pan American Games after representing El Salvador in Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019.

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