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Anti-doping Control Officers are being trained for the San Salvador 2023 Games

This weekend, as part of the organization of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, the staff that will be participating in the sports event attended the Anti-Doping Control Officers Training.

The training, with an attendance of 11 officers, was given by Mexican experts Paulina Delaloza and Zaida Hernández, executive secretary and control chief of the National Anti-Doping Committee of Mexico respectively, with the collaboration of the Pan American Regional Anti-Doping Organization (PAN-RADO).

“This training is being carried out prior to the games to prepare the anti-doping control officers as best as possible. It is a two-day training, with a theoretical part and a practical one, with an evaluation tomorrow (today)”, Delaloza said.

The training also has the objective to guarantee that the procedures go according to the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and international standards.

“We’re really happy because this group is very receptive, they are collaborating a lot. Some of them have experience in different areas, such as medicine, nursing, and sports. So, let us say that the sum of all these different profiles has made this training extremely rewarding. Even if we have staff that has previous anti-doping experience”, Delaloza ensured.

According to Rafael Morales, chief of Medical Services and Anti-Doping from COSSAN2023, more than 500 samples are scheduled to be taken, with urine, blood, and dried blood spot tests among them.

For her part, Hernández said “we are seeking to teach the important topics of anti-doping control, which is a completely standardized procedure that is performed in all sports and disciplines, and all the athletes in the world in the same way in accordance to the world anti-doping code.”

In that way, the control chief informed that among the most important topics of the training are anti-doping control outside competitions, in-competition, step-by-step control, among others, “so that the anti-doping control officers have every detail to carry out a flawless procedure”, Hernández remarked.

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