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Artistic gymnastics will be at a high level in San Salvador 2023, ITD predicts

Today, Yazaira Cabrera, International Technical Delegate (ITD) for women’s artistic gymnastics, and Esteban Camacho, ITD for men’s artistic gymnastics, toured the Complejo Deportivo de Ciudad Merliot with the purpose of finalizing “minor details” in preparation for San Salvador 2023.

The international specialists were guided by COSSAN2023 technicians from the areas of Infrastructure, Sports, Protocol, and Communications, who showed them the competition, warm-up, and training areas that have been set up, as well as the spaces for VIP visits and media.

At the end of the two-hour tour, the two ITDs were satisfied and predicted that the Central American and Caribbean Games would have an elevated level of artistic gymnastics.

“We are going to see high-level gymnastics; even though they are regional games, that doesn’t mean that the quality of the gymnastics we’ll see is low. We are going to have a world medalist (Alexa Moreno) because Mexico is participating, and we have countries that have had very good results internationally, such as El Salvador and Puerto Rico. In fact, Panama has a gymnast (Hilary Heron) who just won two World Cup medals,” said Cabrera, who is originally from Puerto Rico.

Camacho agreed with his colleague. “The Central American and Caribbean Games are always a highly anticipated event for the region; I think they are going to have a high level, and it will be a good show for the public as well,” said the Costa Rican.

Regarding the preparation for the competition, Camacho also praised the sports facilities. “It is our second visit; we are looking at the final adjustments and details. The facilities are great for this competition; it is a huge opportunity not only for El Salvador but for the whole region to be able to grow the sport,” he said finally.

“We are refining small details because most of the planning is done,” Cabrera finally added.

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