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Banco Cuscatlán is the official bank of San Salvador 2023

The executive director of Banco Cuscatlán, José Eduardo Luna, announced this afternoon the official sponsorship of the financial institution for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

The support was made official at an event attended by the president of San Salvador 2023, Yamil Bukele, and held at the heliport of Banco Cuscatlán’s Pirámide branch, located at the entrance to the municipality of Santa Tecla. 

The executive director of Banco Cuscatlán stated that the sponsorship involves a group of 12 promising athletes who will become part of “Team Cuscatlán”, which will be the image of the jaguar’s institution.

They are Xavier Ventura and Diego Alvarado in swimming; Gabriela and Estefany Izaguirre in karate; and Thiara Sofía Ramos and Fabiola Salmerón in surfing.

In addition, José Mijangos, and Michelle Velasco, in athletics; Ariana Rosales, in rhythmic gymnastics; Ivonne Nóchez, in skating; and Francisco Velásquez and Eliodoro Portillo, in beach soccer.

“Banco Cuscatlán becomes an official sponsor and will support a group of athletes, for which I feel grateful,” said Bukele.

This is not the first time the bank has supported this sporting event. It also did so at the 2002 Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador.

“In Banco Cuscatlán, we have always believed in El Salvador and believed in our athletes, so we are proud to be part of the history of our athletes and of our country. Just as we supported 21 years ago, today we do it again as a renewal of confidence in our youth, in their passion and commitment to prepare with excellence to be models for new generations,” the bank said in a statement.

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