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Beach volleyball athletes went to the Costa del Sol and trained with Colombians

Salvadoran beach volleyball players of the senior and junior categories are holding a training camp on the Costa del Sol along with six Colombian national team members as part of their preparation for different competitions.

In the case of Yvonne Soler, Laura Molina, and Armando Guatemala, the camp is part of their preparation for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023. In the event, Guatemala will team up with Franklin Flores.

“The idea is to prepare for the games, not only for us but for the juniors as well. It is a general preparation, and we also have a pre-World Cup tournament in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, before the Central American and Caribbean Games. On the beach, the preparation is intense; we run, and the effort is maximum. Training with the Colombians helps a lot in all the technical aspects of the game. For the San Salvador 2023 Games, we are going to train hard and give our best”, commented Guatemala.

In their preparation process, the national representatives are under the technical direction of Costa Rican coach Ingrid Morales and Carlos “Tato” Talavera, head coach of the Salvadoran Volleyball Federation (Fesavol).

“We had planned this camp as part of the macrocycle because we knew there were technical and tactical aspects to improve in preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games. That’s why we chose a team from Bogotá, Colombia, since we rarely have contact with South American teams, and the idea of the camp is to complement that type of game and get to know it very closely,” explained Ingrid Morales, who has been working with the Salvadoran national team since April.

Laura Escarpeta, Juliana Franco, sisters Andrea and Claudia Galindo, Gunter Perea, Samuel Buitrago are the Colombians participating in the camp. The Colombian players arrived accompanied by their coach, Adrian Araujo.

Brothers Christopher and Yoel Guardado are also part of the camp and focus their preparation for the Norceca Tour. Completing the group are David Vargas, Rafael Vargas, Levi Rauda, and Adonai Mejia.

“We also have promising players who will be representing us in the Norceca Tour; we have to make the most of the experience. We have worked on the team culture, going to bed early, recovery times, and warm-up protocols to generate integral athletes. Now, as a reward for all those who were in the selective process, the youth were invited to the camp,” said coach Ingrid Morales.

For Christopher Guardado, the camp with the Colombians will help them improve their level. “Next week we are going to have a Norceca competition, and this is a magnificent support,” he said.

The camp began on Tuesday at the El Cafetalón fields and at the Costa del Sol; today was the second consecutive day of work.

“We want to thank INDES, who made this possible and is supporting those who are going to the games and those who are helping us,” Morales added.

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