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Bodybuilding is ready to show its strength in San Salvador 2023

The International Technical Delegate (ITD) of bodybuilding, Eduardo Abdalah, from Nicaragua, visited this Friday afternoon the Teatro Presidente, the venue for this sport in the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

During his visit, the delegate expressed his satisfaction with the facilities in the theater, which has previously hosted other regional bodybuilding events and is now ready to host the San Salvador 2023 Games.

Abdalah, who also serves as vice president of the International Bodybuilding Federation, expressed that this does not surprise him since he has already seen the organizational level of bodybuilding in El Salvador.

“I am not surprised at all because I have been here many times, witnessing the great organization and facilities that you have for these types of events, which meet all the requirements for international events of this sport as regulated by the international federation,” said Abdalah.

The delegate also wanted to highlight the level of bodybuilding that will be on display at the games and how this has been consistent with the work done together with the Organizing Committee.

“You can expect a great show; it is like a magnet, attracting the youth, a lifestyle, and a sport that will give medals to El Salvador. The work (with COSSAN2023) has been excellent, very coordinated, and they are very capable and receptive people”, stated the coach.

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