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Bryan Perez recovers and will be ready for San Salvador 2023

Salvadoran surfer Bryan Perez is almost recovered from his right knee injury and says he will be ready to catch the waves during the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Perez attended this morning’s therapy session at the Clinic of Integral Attention to the Federated Athlete of the National Sports Institute (INDES), where he was treated by the head of physiotherapy, Bryan Fernandez, and his team of specialists.

The athlete recalled that two months ago, he injured his right knee; since then, he has undergone a recovery program with the INDES staff.

“I’m almost 100 percent, I feel fantastic, and thank God, I’m already surfing,” said the athlete, who mentions that he is training three times a week at the INDES facilities because he receives comprehensive care.

“I’m training in the gym because here they have all the machines, the physiotherapists, and an incredible team. I train three times a week to strengthen my muscles and be ready for the games,” he says with enthusiasm.

The next to come for Bryan are the San Salvador 2023 Games, but also the Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games to be held from May 30 to June 7 at the inlet of El Sunzal.

“I am getting ready for several events. I feel very grateful to INDES because they are very supportive. The whole team is helping me,” concluded Perez.

Meanwhile, the head of physiotherapy at INDES, Bryan Fernandez, commented that Perez’s recovery is going very well, and he has no doubt that he will be ready for San Salvador 2023.

“Bryan’s recovery is going excellently well; we have had a great process combining physiotherapy based on the doctors’ opinion; physical work has been added, and we are already seeing the results. He is almost ready for the next level; he will be ready for the games; he is already in training; he is doing meditation and yoga; we are going extremely well; it will be good; and we are betting on that medal with Bryan, who is a great athlete”, added Fernandez.

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