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Chess is ready for San Salvador 2023

The Chess Federation of El Salvador has already selected its four representatives for the Central American and Caribbean Games that will be held in El Salvador, from June 23rd to July 8th this year.

The last members that joined the party were Jorge Girón and Marielos Vásquez, who earned themselves a first place in the active mode when they won the qualifying tournament.

Girón got the first place with 7.5 out of 9 points, the same as Lemnys Arias, who was relegated to the second spot via tiebreaker, while Carlos Burgos landed a third place with 5 points.

Vásquez scored eight points in the nine rounds of the tournament, followed by Angie García in second place with 7.5 points, and Dalila Barahona in third, who managed to score six.

Previously, Celina Palacios and Arias earned important titles at the Blitz Circuit Absolute and Women’s 2023 and secured their ticket to the competition in San Salvador 2023.

“Regarding the classification of our athletes for the Central American and Caribbean Games, that will be celebrated in our country, we couldn’t miss out on the chance for everybody who could participate in the qualifiers”, David Blanco, president of the Chess Federation of El Salvador (FSA), commented.

The federative explained that they made the most out of the qualifiers for San Salvador 2023 and turned them into highly competitive tournaments.

“We didn’t just turn this internal sports events, but we also opened the possibility, as fair and organized as possible, so that there’s no room for doubt that the athletes that will represent the country earned their spot fairly. The preparation for the Games starts now”, he explained.

Likewise, the president of the federation commented that the activity will not stop, and they already have a new tournament for the weekend.

“Right now, the idea is to get ready long in advance before any international events. So, this weekend we will start with the first Scoring Tournament, which starts the classification towards 2024, with the objective of getting more time to get organized as best as possible to have get our athletes ready”, Blanco pointed out.

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