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Chiefs of Mission were impressed during visits to sports facilities

This Saturday, as part of the Chiefs of Mission Seminar for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, the representatives of the 34 delegations that will participate in the regional sports event took part in a series of visits to the main sports facilities of the games.

These visits included the Estadio Nacional Jorge “El Mágico” González, Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe at the Universidad de El Salvador (UES), and the sports facilities in Ciudad Merliot, Flor Blanca, and El Polvorín.

After the visits, the Chiefs of Mission were very impressed with the progress of the renovation works and praised the work done by the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023) and all the information provided during the Chiefs of Mission Seminar.

Kenneth Vrolijk, Aruba’s Chief of Mission, expressed his admiration for the progress of the works compared to what was seen a few months ago.

“I am impressed by the progress because I saw some pictures a few months ago, and the progress I am seeing now is impressive. Having seen the progress already, and with two months to go until the games, we are going to make it, and it will be quite a show once again,” he commented.

Regarding the work of COSSAN2023, Vrolijk thanked the attention and facilitation he constantly receives. “The work (of COSSAN2023) is very impressive, especially those who coordinate with the Olympic Committees. I have practically 24/7 contact with my assistants; when I have questions, they clarify; even when I send them a message at 11 or 12 o’clock at night, I receive the answer in two or three minutes, and that is impressive; it makes it easier for me as Chief of Mission,” he commented.

Another delegate who was pleased with the progress was Teresita Anchía of Costa Rica, who highlighted the level of organization and the effort made.

“I am very proud and happy to see the magnificent work and effort of the people and the Government of El Salvador. It is a very effective work; we have visited this villa and the stadium. They have talked to us about transportation, food, the technical area, and all the services they are going to offer. They are very well organized and at a very high level”, commented Anchía.

Jaime Zelaya, from Honduras, also expressed his satisfaction with the level of progress in the facilities and the amenities received by COSSAN2023.

“We are very impressed by the progress of the works; all the facilities are very beautiful and very modern, both technologically and in terms of the equipment that will be installed in them. We are very pleased to see the effort that has been put into each of the spaces that are being worked on. The facilitation that COSSAN2023 has given us to have all the materials on time has been very good; the amenities are excellent, and we are very grateful in that sense”, he mentioned.


At the end of the tour, COSSAN2023 General Director Dinora Acevedo spoke of the importance of this seminar and the site visits for both the Organizing Committee and the Chiefs of Mission.

“This is an extremely important moment for us because we are putting a face and a voice to our clients with whom we have only interacted virtually. For them to come here, to see, to walk through the competition venues and this significant place that will be the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, and to provide us with their feedback is of utmost importance,” she said.

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