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Ciudad Merliot dawned with the energy of San Salvador 2023 volunteers

Young people from the Volunteers Program of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 got up early this Wednesday to bring their sporting energy to the inhabitants of Ciudad Merliot, in Santa Tecla.

The volunteers set up at the intersection of Calle Chiltiupán and 17 Avenida Norte, right in front of a mall, in an area that includes populous sectors such as the Santa Teresa and Santa Mónica neighborhoods.

To the rhythm of the batucada, volunteers handed out and pasted stickers to pedestrians, motorcyclists, minibus, bus, and private car drivers.

The activity began at 6:30 a.m., and in just one hour, nearly 600 stickers had been handed out to pedestrians, it was reported.

According to the official schedule of the games, we are only nine days away from the start of the biggest sports event in Central America.

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