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Civil Protection and COSSAN2023 complete security details for San Salvador 2023

Civil Protection authorities and the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023) met today to discuss and finalize details of the emergency plans for the most important sporting event in the region.

The main objective of the meeting, held in an atmosphere of collaboration and commitment, was to reinforce security measures to prevent any incident that could jeopardize the integrity of athletes and spectators during the games.

Roberto Martinez, head of plans and operations at the General Directorate of Civil Protection, explained the details of the emergency plans to be implemented, highlighting the importance of coordination between all areas to ensure an effective response to any eventuality.

The meeting between Civil Protection and COSSAN2023 made it clear that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure safety during the event.

“In terms of security, what we have and the order that President Nayib Bukele has given us is to guarantee that before, during, and after the development of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, there will not be any large-scale incident to be regretted. We will execute and develop different contingency plans and security mechanisms to ensure the safety and security of all people”, said Martinez.

The authorities reaffirmed their commitment to work together, implement solid emergency plans, and provide peace of mind to the athletes and National Olympic Committees that will participate in the games. With a focus on prevention and preparedness, San Salvador 2023 is expected to be a safe and successful event for all involved.

“We are already developing security plans; we are in the preventive part and the dissemination of emergency mechanisms. We must remember that there are many sports disciplines, and we have to create a mechanism for each one of them to guarantee everyone that El Salvador is a safe country, that we are prepared, and that we are up to the task of organizing any type of competition at an international level”, said the head of plans and operations of the General Directorate of Civil Protection.

During the meeting, key aspects such as access control to sports facilities, training of security personnel, coordination with emergency services, and effective communication with participants and the public were discussed. Emphasis was also placed on the importance of fostering a culture of prevention among all those involved in the games.

“One of the main factors we must consider is inter-institutional coordination; that is, the National Civil Protection System and its member institutions such as health, security, and transportation must be ready for any event that may occur in sports venues,” said Martinez.

The meeting concluded with the commitment of all parties involved to work closely together to carry out the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 in a safe and secure environment. The authorities reiterated their willingness to implement the necessary actions and to maintain constant communication with the organization, providing peace of mind to all participants, from athletes to the public.

Both Civil Protection and COSSAN2023 authorities emphasized that the safety and well-being of participants are their top priorities and pledged to continue working closely together to address any concerns and mitigate potential risks.

“From the presidency of COSSAN2023, we have planned with all the institutions that belong to the National Civil Protection System for the construction of a comprehensive contingency plan that includes the health (medical emergencies) and security plan to prevent incidents or, in case they occur, have the immediate response of the entire National System,” stated Paola Alvarenga, COSSAN2023 Planning Director.

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