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COSSAN and government institutions refine services for sport venues

The Board of Infrastructure of the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games (COSSAN2023) had a meeting with several Government institutions that will provide services for the Sports Villa and venues during the event starting on June 23rd.

“We are gathering various Government institutions that can provide basic services in the Sports Villa and the sports venues”, said Paola Alvarenga, Planning Director of COSSAN2023.

Alvarenga mentioned that part of the services provided will be solid waste management, drinking water, cisterns, electricity, decoration, landscaping, and telecommunications services, among others.

The Sports Villa, that will be set in the facilities of Universidad de El Salvador (UES), will host more than five thousand athletes this year for the San Salvador 2023 Games. To do so, 13 new buildings are being constructed, and another 12 buildings are being remodeled by the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) staff.

Along those lines, the Villa will have apartments to lodge athletes, a dining area, recreation areas, shows, and miscellaneous items shops.

Cristian Cañas, Infrastructure Coordinator of MOP, seemed satisfied with the works being conducted at UES.

“We are providing feedback on the progress of these works. There are many interventions being done on existing buildings, and new buildings being constructed, there are complimentary works in seven additional projects, and also improvement on eight facades of UES”, Cañas explained.

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