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COSSAN has a good plan: Leonardo Lucero, Manager of the NOC from Chile

Leonardo Lucero Medina is the Manager from the Education Area of the Olympic Committee from Chile who came to El Salvador for sharing expertise with the Salvadoran high-performance coaches ahead the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Lucero Medina has expertise in the organization of international games, in fact, he is already preparing for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023 to be held next October in his country. With his authority, does not hesitate to highlight the work being done by the Organizing Committee of the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games (COSSAN), led by its president, Yamil Bukele

“I see they have a good plan, a well-designed event and hope the delegations from other countries contribute to the work you are doing to ensure a great sporting event,” said Lucero after holding a meeting with the COSSAN authorities, led by Dinora Acevedo, General Director, and Lucrecia de Calderón, General Secretary.

According to Lucero Medina, COSSAN has two major challenges: to achieve the best results from the previous edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games, and to ensure the international delegations are satisfied with the successful organization of the event.

To achieve this, he recommends emphasizing the details in all aspects of the organization, including the welcoming the delegations, accommodation of athletes, the building of sports venues, awards ceremonies, among others.

The Chilean emphasized how important is the Volunteer Program, which COSSAN is already implementing and is currently in the recruitment process, therefore a campaign has been launched on social media, website, media tour and placement of stands in educational centers and sporting events.

“Volunteers are a fundamental support. Without volunteers, the games cannot be held because they are the soul of the games, the volunteer is the one responsible for the development of the activity, without volunteers the games could not be performed”, considers Lucero.

Finally, Lucero didn’t want to close the interview without expressing best wishes for COSSAN: “May everything be a success, from the organization, which is the essential part. To all athletes participating in these Central American Games, may feel they will be playing at home and their family, grandparents, children and all El Salvador will be watching and waiting for the best results for their country”.

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