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COSSAN introduces the event directors to Centro Caribe Sports

The sports department of COSSAN2023 introduced the event and venue directors of the 38 sports that will take place as part of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 to representatives of Centro Caribe Sports (CCS).

During the meeting, topics related to voluntary work, and the structure of the Competitions Unit were also addressed, and it ended with a presentation about Specialized Technical Volunteering.

The talk also highlighted the importance of having technical volunteers that have been previously trained on each competition unit, to guarantee the proper development and planning of the Games.

Luis Mejía, head of Centro Caribe Sports.

“Our goal is to touch base in regard to the topic of technical volunteering in order to cover all the specific functions that each sport requires. And also to clarify and manage the planning heading into the Games” stated René Rodríguez, technician of the Volunteering Team.

After the informative presentation, that was part of a series of training sessions oriented to the competition directors, the delegation of Centro Caribe Sports joined the session to meet the federative representatives.

“It is important because they are the true face of the games. During the competitions, they have to get all the events in their charge off the ground. Right now, they are key, they can tell us what they expect to turn out well, where they see any problems, where the red lights are and how can we work along with them to push this forward” expressed Jimena Saldaña, first vice-president of Centro Caribe Sports.

Based on the follow-up visits that they made, the committee of Centro Caribe Sports was pleased for the work COSSAN has done so far.

Jimena Saldaña, first vice-president of Centro Caribe Sports.

“These will be the best games ever, we are sure we can make it. We’re living tough times all around the world, and I think that this is the time to show that the sport has many faces, and this one is an important one. To carry out these Games in the best way possible to make the dreams of all of those athletes, who have been preparing for many years to be here, true.” Saldaña added.

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