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COSSAN2023 held the second seminar with representatives of 33 sports federations

The Planning Department of the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 held in the facilities of the University of El Salvador (UES) the second informative seminar for the representatives of the 33 national sports federations who were informed about the advances in the organization of the regional competition. At the same time, the coordinations for the success of this event were established.

This workshop was held at the facilities of the Engineering and Architecture Faculty at UES and is “important because we are coordinating with each sports federation as the technical work requires many people to help in different areas. They are helping us with the organizational structure and we are informing them on how the games are progressing, so they are aware”, explained Paola Alvarenga, Director of Planning for COSSAN2023.

“The seminar has been interesting as the topics were varied and we are always in a position to learn a bit more on how everything is being planned for the games, which is going to be a tremendous event. All participants from the different federations have presented their doubts and ideas”, said Veronica Rivas, Salvadorean Shooting Federation representative.

Stewar Velasco, COSSAN Sports Coordinator.

COSSAN Sports Coordinator Stewar Velasco explained that the daily agenda with the federations’ representatives included topics such as assignment of judges, stage directors and sports directors. “In short, all the planning ahead of the games,” added the sports specialist.

Meanwhile, César Nolasco, from the Salvadoran Tennis Federation, said the doubts about the remodeling have been clarified in the seminar and that it has been demonstrated they are working on it. “The good is that it helps us to clarify many questions about the process of remodelling and rebuilding the sports venues for the games. In my case, I am a witness that the work is being done”, said Nolasco.

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