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COSSAN2023 signs agreement with sports federations

Today, the Organizing Committee of the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games signed cooperation agreements with the presidents of the Salvadoran sports federations in preparation for San Salvador 2023.

Stewar Velasco, head of COSSAN2023 Sports, informed that the agreement intends for the federations to provide logistical and operational assistance to COSSAN2023 during the games.

 “We are going to give them budget, furniture, and equipment, and they agree to guarantee and improve the development of the games. The idea is to decentralize the funds and functions because the federations are our allies, and we cannot organize the games without them”, said Velasco after detailing that the agreement will be signed with a total of thirty federations.

Luis Chévez, president of the Salvadoran Judo Federation, was one of those who came to sign the agreement this morning.

In order for the federation to manage the “logistical and operational part of the judo competition during the games,” COSSAN would transfer resources to it, according to Chévez.

To give a few examples, Chévez mentioned that they will attend to international delegates and judo referees and will collaborate with COSSAN so that “everything goes very well”.

The agreement states that “the federations commit to participate in the planning, organization, and development of competitions and training spaces” in coordination with the COSSAN2023 Sports Department.

The federations also assume the commitment to participate in the installation of equipment, assembly, and transfer of furniture. In addition, they assume the commitment to collaborate in the maintenance of sports facilities before, during, and after the games. Collaborate in the payment of judges and referees, as well as manage vehicles and real estate.

Rafael Arévalo, president of the Salvadoran Tennis Federation, arrived in the afternoon at COSSAN offices.

“We have just signed an agreement that includes support for the organization and payment of arbitration. We have funds, and our best athlete is preparing in Florida. With these funds, our tennis athletes will be able to get to the games with the best possible preparation,” said Arevalo.

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