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COSSAN2023 volunteer team received strategic management workshop

The Venezuelan Eduardo Alvarez, Secretary for Centro Caribe Sports, gave a workshop on “Strategic Administration” to the technical staff from COSSAN2023, universities and other institutions, as part of the progress of the Volunteer Program for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Álvarez began his presentation with a video from journalist Kathy López on the history of the Central American and Caribbean Games, which covered the period from the Games organized by Mexico in 1926 to Barranquilla 2018.  He then emphasized that the formulation, execution, and evaluation were the key stages in the administration.


Eduardo Álvarez, secretary for Centro Caribe Sports.

The National Youth Institute (INJUVE), the National Sports Association of Higher Education (Anades), the Specialized Institute of Health Professionals (IEPROES), the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation from the City Hall of San Salvador (IMDER) and the volunteer staff from COSSAN2023, were some of the institutions that were represented in the activity.

“Volunteers are the soul of the Games and we are looking at the progress of the organization of the San Salvador 2023 Games. It has been a very important week for the Central American and Caribbean organization, we are very happy to be here and we will be in contact with this work team. The volunteer is neuralgic and is related to the whole event, it is a task with a lot of responsibility, but very pleasant”, emphasized Álvarez, who declared that he is very excited to be in the country.


Another activity was the presentation of the volunteer team management system and the program’s virtual portal by Felipe Flores, volunteer advisor and deputy Director of the National Youth Institute (INJUVE).

Hugo Salazar, Chief of the COSSAN2023 Volunteering Program, was satisfied with the results of the workshop.

“We are going to share the whole context of volunteering with the partner institutions that we have identified for recruitment, training and acceptance. Today we talked about management and how to establish a whole planning, execution, and evaluation for the Volunteerism Program,” said Salazar.

The volunteer staff from COSSAN2023.

“It has been a great learning experience; we have had the opportunity to see the perspective of professionals, and this is going to enhance it. It is nice to get new knowledge in different areas such as sports,” said Javier Cruz, INJUVE volunteer.

Edward Pacheco, Coordinator of Cultural Extension, Arts and Sports at IEPROES, who is in the volunteer program, said that “just to think that we are going to attend about 12,000 people will be of utmost value. It will be a very nice experience and we will get to know many cultures,” he said.


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