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Deportelandia came to Plaza Gerardo Barrios!

An afternoon of laughter, learning, and lots of emotions was experienced this Saturday afternoon at the Gerardo Barrios Plaza.

Deportelandia arrived at the Centro Histórico de San Salvador and brought all the excitement that is already being felt for our Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Children, youth, adults, and even seniors came to the demonstrations of archery, boxing, baseball, soccer, and other activities that attracted the attention of people walking on the Plaza Gerardo Barrios.

The Los Imparables team was also present, sharing time with the attendees and joining in the joy of the games.

In addition to the sports demonstrations, participants were able to win promotions for the San Salvador 2023 Games.

Danny Ruiz, one of the attendees at Deportelandia, was very happy with the activity. “I thought it was very good (Deportelandia), since they are getting to know the sports that we will have in a couple of days. I love sports; I like them a lot, and having diversity is very important,” said Ruiz.

Josué Padilla was another of the people who attended with his family and enjoyed Deportelandia, and he could not hide his excitement for the experience.

“It’s very nice; it’s healthy family fun; children come to play, and we hope there will be more events like this. We have already taken the family photo; we want to go with the children to the games,” said Padilla.

This fan and sports lover also put his hope in the Salvadoran athletes for the San Salvador 2023 Games: “We are happy because we are hosts; we hope our athletes make El Salvador proud”.

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