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Deportelandia, the sports party of the Volunteer Program that filled up Parque Cuscatlán

Deportelandia (Sportsland) was the name of the get-together that the Volunteering Department of the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games held this afternoon at Parque Cuscatlán in San Salvador.

Hundreds of children, young people, and adults had the opportunity to learn about and practice some sports disciplines that will take place in the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, in this case, soccer, baseball, archery, and basketball.

Rocío Chávez, a student at the Universidad de El Salvador, enjoyed playing basketball. “The event is very enlightening because we are getting involved in the games,” said the university student, who has also signed up to be part of the Volunteer Program.

Ana Virginia Guzmán, a resident of Colonia Altavista, arrived with her co-workers and decided to practice archery. “It is an ideal event for people of all ages to practice sports,” she said.

Deportelandia was also supported by athletes, such as Noel Erazo and Jackeline Hernández, in wrestling, and Roxana Fajardo, in bowling.

“I am here supporting them, encouraging people to approach all the sports facilities. The idea is to interact with volunteers, for them to get to know us and the sport,” said Fajardo, who, along with his fellow athletes, shared their experiences with the attendees.

René Martínez, general director of INDES, explained that Deportelandia was made to involve the population in the sports festival that will be the games. “We are about to start the oldest sporting event in Central America and the Caribbean; we are going to take this sports circuit throughout the country so that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the disciplines, sports, and athletes,” explained Martinez.

Alex Rodriguez, technician of the Volunteer Program, reported that the event was a remarkable success and that people of all ages attended.

“Here we have children, adults, young people, seniors, and volunteers in general, so that they can start to immerse themselves in the games,” said Rodriguez.

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