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Diving judges get up to speed

Rolando Ruiz, technical delegate for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, was impressed by the attendance and, above all, by the interest in the diving modality. He gave a training session and tomorrow he will visit the venue where the competitions will take place.

“I was amazed by the number of people, I did not think there would be so many. I’d send this group to start working right away, but I see that there is a lot of interest, it is good to be able to select those who will work with us,” said Ruiz.

The delegate explained that he visited El Salvador last year when it was determined that the country would host the Games. He checked the venue, and met with the parties involved and the workers.

“In my previous visit, I suggested that it was important to give an improvement course to the volunteers who will work in the event. The main reason being that this is a country where there’s very little promotion for diving, there’s practically just one coach and two or three athletes, so it was essential to bring them up to date”, commented Ruiz.

The international delegate also considers that it was necessary to train the staff that will be working during the games since it will guarantee the success of the event.

“The work on the table is fundamentally what they are going to do, it is the work that helps, but it is decisive in the competition. How they work, how the scores are removed, how the totals are calculated, it is the technical part of how it is done,” he commented.

On her pat, the competition director for the diving discipline, Génesis Granadeño, explained that want to train the staff with the basic knowledge.

“We decided to carry out this training because the diving discipline is, in some sense, new. The country has little track record on it, so there are not many judges or knowledgeable people in it, and it’s essential for them to know the basics”, explained Granadeño.

Génesis added that they called up national officials and technical volunteers since the tasks that they will perform are very specific and requires a lot of attention.

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