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“El Salvador is great for saving the games”: René Romero, COSSAN2023 advisor from Cuba

René Jorge Romero Esquivel has been involved in sports since a teenager at his native Cuba, where he practiced artistic gymnastics, and, since the XVI Central American and Caribbean Games Mexico 1990 to date, he has participated in the regional organization of international multidisciplinary events.

Why is that? It is enough to look at his academic and professional resume to realize that Romero is an expert in high-performance sports training, a specialist in leadership and management, graduated with honors from European institutions and a member of Centro Caribe Sports, the owner of the Central American and Caribbean Games.

“I just came as general advisor of this organization for the sports area,” Romero explains when inquired about his arrival to the country.

Romero explains that, although an event as the games takes about four years to organize, El Salvador has been challenged to organize it within half of that time, reason why he admires it.

“The venue was given to Panama. Due to problems with COVID they gave up organizing, and El Salvador saved the competiveness of the games, this becomes a challenge that makes it great for El Salvador because saving the games or giving them continuity in two years is quite difficult”, stated the Cuban.


Given this time frame, he is asked if with his enormous experience does consider that El Salvador will be ready for June 23 of next year, the starting date of the games, for which he has no doubt to say: “Despite the challenge of the sports facilities, the training is important. We are on time, and we are going to do it well. Also, there is good will, political willingness from the Government, and from different ministries of the Salvadorian State, for sure we are going to make it, we are convinced”, he emphasizes.

What gives him cause to affirm that? he is directly asked and Romero states: “First, I see interest, the motivation from all government institutions, ministries, INDES and I see a great team has been joined, a family that supports, helps and gives continuity to all needs that the organization of the games requires; when working as a team and when the support comes from all places, there is certainty that everything is going to be fine”.

The specialist from Havana highlights the legacy that the games will leave to the Salvadoran society, not only in infrastructure, but also in sports development.


“New technological connections, technical organization processes, and communications will be developed. Work is being done for the people to have the results on their phones, but in addition there will be a great legacy, first level facilities, and sports federations prepared for world games. This is the base, the beginning for a great step of progress for the Salvadoran society that deserves it… trust in the legacy of the Salvadoran sport development, there is a political willingness from the Salvadoran Government that just as the quality of life grows and improves gradually, the same will grow the development of sports.”

René Romero Esquivel

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