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Everything is ready for the San Salvador 2023 Chiefs of Mission Seminar

The representatives of 34 countries that will participate, starting tomorrow, in the Seminar of Chefs de Mission of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 arrived in the country today.

This seminar will be a prelude to the regional event that will be held in our country from June 23 to July 8, and in which international delegates will have first-hand information on the progress in the organization of the regional competition that El Salvador is hosting for the third time in its history.


Each of the 18 functional areas that are part of COSSAN2023 will present throughout the day the logistics employed to ensure the success of San Salvador 2023 and will answer the questions of the heads of mission of the 34 countries that have confirmed their participation, except for French Guiana and Sint Maarten.

These areas are: Welcome and Opening, Sports and Venues, Sports Registration, Accreditation, Arrivals and Departures, GMS Demo, Technology, Press and Broadcast Operations, Image and Branding, Customs and Logistics, Security, Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, Games Family, Ceremonies, Medical Services and Doping Control, NOC Relations and Services, Transportation, Nutrition, and Sub-venue Santo Domingo.

Dinora Acevedo, general director of COSSAN2023, stated that the seminar will make it possible to measure the level of preparation of the functional areas ahead of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, which begin in a little more than two months.

For their part, the Chiefs were enthusiastic about the progress made in the organization of San Salvador 2023 and their arrival on Salvadoran soil.

“We want to learn, see how conditions are here in El Salvador for the Central American and Caribbean Games and contribute as much as we can to help,” said José Miguel Robiou, Chief of Mission and co-treasurer of the Olympic Committee of the Dominican Republic.

The delegates also highlighted the logistical work of COSSAN 2023 so far. “We have had plenty of support, and you can see that they are working very hard on the logistics in general. It is not easy to organize these games; they are very big, and they will have an immense impact on the economy and on a global level,” said Lysbeth del Carmen Demera, the delegate from Panama.

Regarding the decision to hold the games on an accelerated schedule, the delegate of the Dominican Republic, which is the sub-venue of the competition, said he was confident in the Salvadoran work.

“We know that El Salvador has experience; they have already organized other games, so we expect that they will do very, very well,” said Robiou.

On the same subject, Víctor Estrada, Mexico’s Chief of Mission, and Olympic taekwondo medalist, praised El Salvador’s decision to hold the games in a reduced time frame. “The truth is that I congratulate them, and what courage they have shown in taking, as we say in Mexico, the bull by the horns and venturing into this work,” he said.

The program of activities of the Chiefs of Mission includes tours of sports venues and the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, which will accommodate the athletes during San Salvador 2023.

During these tours, the Chiefs of Mission will be able to see firsthand the progress made in the construction of the buildings to be used for the games and make their final observations given their experience in the field.

“We are very eager to know how things are going and to see the progress in the facilities to transfer all the information to the federations,” said Estrada, the Mexican Chief of Mission.


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