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Fesalbox holds a second sparring session prior to the San Salvador 2023 Games

With more than 30 participating boxers, the Salvadoran Boxing Federation (Fesalbox) conducted the second “Diagnostic Sparring” session on Saturday, which is part of their preparation route towards the XXIV American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

The sparring sessions were observed by Fesalbox’s coach and technical director, Pedro Nieves, who took the necessary notes.

“We have girls between 9 and 10 years old, and teenagers around 16 years old who wish to continue in this discipline. There are also boxers who have already been part of the national team, but we are looking for the best athletes, so the national team will be formed as close to the competition as possible. We have already set the sign-up numbers”, said the Cuban, who has been working for five months with Fesalbox.

Boxers from gyms in San Miguel, Sensuntepeque, Cabañas, Universidad de El Salvador, Villa Centroamericana, Leyendas del Boxeo, the national team shortlist, among others, were present at the Diagnostic Sparring.

Pedro Nieves stated that the process to form the national team hasn’t been completed yet, and athletes from different gyms who comply with the technical criteria will be considered.

“We are looking for talent in our preparation route. We have renowned athletes from previous years such as Cynthia Madriz, we also have athletes that have represented us in International events such as Sam Contreras and Jairo Luna; and we also have new athletes that are standing out, like Alejandro Monterrosa, Marvin Martínez, and Iván Ramos”, the Cuban coach said.

There were a total of 16 sparring matches, with some of them standing out, such as Jairo Contreras vs Josué Méndez, from Sensuntepeque; Oswaldo Barahona’s march versus Bryan Marroquín, and José Sánchez vs Gerardo Pérez, and Saúl Romero, among others.

On her part, Cynthia Madriz had sparring matches against Gabriela Cárcamo, Wendy Castro, and Johanna Rodríguez.  In another match, Sandra Rodríguez faced Fernanda Merino.

“We’re conducting national sparring sessions every week prior to the Central Americana and Caribbean Games, and then we will have a training camp to improve our level. The goal is to put El Salvador on the spotlight, and to earn that medal that we want so much. But we know that our competition will be tough, and we have the conviction that we can earn something with our efforts”, Cynthia Madriz expressed.

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