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Handball has green light in main venue for San Salvador Games 2023

The International Technical Delegate for handball, the Dominican Miguel Rivera, visited the facilities of Centro Cultural Fusalmo, in Soyapango, as the venue for this sport for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Mercedes Pérez, manager of the Salvadoran Handball Federation (Fesbal); Luis González, director of scenarios of the Fesbal, as well as personnel from different areas of the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023), accompanied the Dominican on the tour.

After verifying the competition area, dressing rooms, athletes’ entry routes, among others, the Dominican DTI endorsed Centro Cultural Fusalmo as the venue for handball, where eight men’s teams and the same number of women’s teams will compete.

“It is a magnificent facility; it has all the conditions to make a great event and so far, everything I have seen is very good. The mesh and the floor are still missing, but in a short time they will be in place, but the area is exceptional and will be able to accommodate a lot of public”, commented Rivera.

For Mercedes Pérez, the visit of the Dominican ITD was positive. “We were waiting for this visit to finalize the details and to have the certainty of how we were going to define the spaces. It is a very positive view with all the impressions that the International Technical Delegate has regarding the installation that meets all the requirements so that we can play handball,” she said.

Pérez added that in the coming weeks they will install the official floor for the competition and the conditioning of the dressing rooms, lounges and other areas.

Handball will host for the first time in this Olympic Cycle competition. “In the previous edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games (2002), handball was not held in the country, it was in the sub-venue, and it is quite a big challenge as a federation and to be able to show the public that we play handball, and we have the teams to achieve it,” he commented.

The women’s handball competitions will be held from June 24 to 29 and the men’s competitions from July 2 to 7.

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