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Handball is warming up towards San Salvador 2023

With the start of the pre-season this weekend, and the definition of the training schedule of the senior teams, both men and women’s, the Handball Federation of El Salvador (FESBAL), is preparing for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

According to Alexander Calderón, FESBAL communications manager, the senior national teams are focusing on participating in a series of international tournaments to reinforce their preparation for the regional event scheduled from June 23rd to July 8th.

“There are two important international events for our teams in the horizon, both qualifiers for San Salvador 2023. Even if our teams have already secured a spot, these competitions will serve as a warm-up for them”, Calderón informed.

That way, the men’s team will participate in the Qualifying Tournament, held in Managua, Nicaragua, from February 18th to the 26th. The turn for the women’s team is coming afterwards, always in Nicaraguan grounds, but from February 25th to March 5th.

“The women’s team competition will also be a qualifier for the World Championship of this branch, with the participation of teams from Central America, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Venezuela”, Calderón mentioned.

Nationally, teams will join some gatherings under coaches Silvia Rivera (women’s team) and David Barahona (men’s team), with the counsel of international trainers Eduardo Gallardo and Priscilla Álvarez.

To conclude their preparation, both teams will join a Pan American training camp between May and June.

The pre-season has begun

Seven women’s teams, and eleven men’s teams are competing in the VIII Pre-Season Tournament that started this weekend in the facilities of the Villa Centroamericana. This event, organized by the Handball Federation of El Salvador (FESBAL), will be taking place until March 11th.

According to the Federation, this competition is part of the reactivation of the teams that will be participating in several tournaments of the 2023 season, in which the National Tournament, the Cup Tournament, and the Super Coup stand out.

Regarding the results of the men’s first fixture, in group A, Servyquim NAH defeated the Senior Women’s Team 32-21; meanwhile, Spartans won against Jaguares 26-23.

In group B, Titans defeated Federados 32-22, and Handball Muñequeros won against Handball City 29-25. In group C, Santa Ana HC defeated team América by 30-28.

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