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International Technical Delegate was satisfied with his second visit to the archery range

The Cuban Sergio Font, International Technical Delegate for archery, made today his second visit to the “Jorge Jiménez” range in Ciudad Merliot, in order to verify technical details for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Silvia Pérez, administrative manager of the Salvadoran Archery Federation (Festa), Roberto Hernández, technical manager of the Festa, and personnel from different areas of COSSAN2023 accompanied the Cuban ITD on his visit.

Also joining the tour were Alex Rivas, venue director of the Festa, and Evelyn Eguizabal, quality control manager of the construction company 4 Carriles.

Font, who is also the secretary general of the Pan American Archery Confederation, focused on the verification of the competition area, data center office, and judges’ area, among other places.

“It is the second technical visit for the San Salvador 2023 Games; the first one was 11 months ago, and no intervention had been made yet. We explained to them what needed to be fixed. I see that everything is underway, and I am very satisfied with the central construction of stands and that they are working very hard to have this sport before May 31″, stated the technician.

Archery competitions will be held from July 2 to 8 in modern facilities. Archery is one of the Salvadoran sports with a good medal projection.

“The delegate is verifying that the field meets the requirements necessary for international competitions; our field already met those requirements, but with a restructuring, some things are modified so that the field becomes again one of the best fields on the continent,” said Roberto Hernandez.

“Archery is very important for El Salvador and has earned them medals in world championships, in the Central American and Caribbean Games, and in the Pan American Games. It is great that this sport offers many joys to El Salvador,” said Font.

Sergio Font also acts as the president of the Judges Committee of the International Archery Federation and secretary general of the Pan American Archery Confederation.

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