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The intervention of four emblematic sports venues begins

Let’s do it. After complying with the respective procedures and requirements imposed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), the Project Execution Unit of the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) gave this morning the order to start the intervention works of the sports venues: Jorge “El Mágico” González National Stadium, El Polvorín Sports Complex, Flor Blanca Sports Complex and Ciudad Merliot Sports Complex.

The four scenarios are part of the group of venues that will be intervened thanks to the financing granted by CABEI for up to $115.2 million, for FODEPORTE, and which will be used in the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games San Salvador 2023.

“Many have criticized us and said that we had left the scenarios abandoned, but they do not know the procedures that should have been followed to start intervening. We bet on something big, a true legacy for national sport, not on cat hands for the stage. And that has taken us time, because the financing had to be obtained,” said the president of INDES, Yamil Bukele, referring to the programming established by CABEI and the respective bidding, adjudication and supervision process.

“We had to comply with all the requirements and steps imposed by the CABEI policy to overcome any objection at each step and reach this day of the start of the work,” stressed the official, who this Thursday visited the four scenarios to verify the start of the works, and also to talk with the construction companies and those that will carry out the respective supervisions.

“I know that this is not easy, but I remain calm with the commitment expressed by each of the construction companies. Everyone involved in the issue knows that we are against time and that the Central American and Caribbean Games are upon us. We will be aware of each advance and I am confident that the conditions will always be in our favor”, stressed Bukele.

Approximately $22 million dollars will be invested in the emblematic Jorge “El Mágico” González National Stadium, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the San Salvador 2023 Games.

Among the improvements that will be made to the sports venue are: total change of natural grating (includes drainage system); total change of athletics track with eight official lanes; construction of a tank with a capacity of 165 cubic meters of water; construction of a warm-up track of 200 linear meters and three official lanes in the perimeter area of ​​the stadium; construction of a plaza and pedestrian paths in the northeast sector of the stadium (includes a light source and street furniture); improvement of the Olympic pool area (includes expansion with official measures and metal bleachers); construction of a walkway that will connect from the outdoor parking lot to the food court area in the upper grandstand sector of the stadium; Total renovation of the main façade that includes: first level in which six commercial premises will be enabled, an anchor local for fast food, access ramp to the second level, two elevators; second level: three fast food outlets, a table area, a sports lounge and a museum in honor of Jorge “El Mágico” González.

The improvements in this scenario are in charge of the Mexican company Prodisa 5 SA, which, through its director of special projects, Carlos Hernández Ortega, reaffirmed the commitment to deliver the works one month before the San Salvador 2023 Games and thus All the respective certifications can be made without major setbacks.

“We know the importance of these works for the country and the entire region, since the Central American and Caribbean Games will be held here, so we hope to deliver the works a month before the start of the Games, as it will be a showroom for El Salvador. for all the countries that come”, stressed Hernández Ortega.

In the El Polvorín Sports Complex, whose intervention is in charge of the company Cuatro Carriles SA, from Guatemala, the investment will be around $14 million dollars and the Olympic, diving and warm-up pools will be remodeled; the badminton gym will be improved, the velodrome and the skating rink will be remodeled; Complementary works will be built that will modernize the sports facility, and the facilities will be adapted for access and use by people with disabilities.

While in the Sports Complex of Ciudad Merliot the works will be carried out by Cuatro Carriles SA, from Guatemala, and approximately $10 million dollars will be invested, since the third phase of intervention will be launched in the Hotel Polideportivo, the facilities of the Salvadoran Swimming Federation, the Salvadoran Archery Federation and the Salvadoran Tennis Federation.

Meanwhile, in the area outside this enclosure, access ramps will be built to all buildings such as archery, hotel and swimming. In addition, perimeter walls and fences and their respective signage.

The Flor Blanca Sports Complex, meanwhile, will have Prodisa SA, from Mexico, as the responsible company, and will receive an approximate investment of $20 million, since it includes improvement of plazas and access bridges to the José Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium, construction of a stadium multifunctional beach soccer and beach volleyball, and total intervention of the infrastructure of the basketball gym.

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