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Ivonne and Eliodoro, our flag bearers!

The skater Ivonne Nóchez and the captain of the national beach soccer team, Eliodoro Portillo, were selected to carry the Salvadoran flag on June 23, when the opening ceremony of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 will take place.

Nóchez became a three-time world champion last year when she won three gold medals at the World Skating Games held in Argentina.

The young athlete earned top honors after winning the 200-meter goal-finish, circuit lap, and 100-meter lane events.

For this reason, Nóchez was the winner in the category Best Athlete of the Year at the Effort and Glory Awards held by the National Sports Institute (INDES) in 2022.

Portillo, a current player of the Chirilagua team of the Beach Soccer League promoted by INDES, has led the national beach soccer team as captain to qualify for world and pre-World Cups, such as the one currently being played in the Bahamas.

He won the gold glove at the 2009 and 2001 pre-World Cups and has played in the Beach World Cups in Marseille 2008, Dubai 2009, Ravenna 2011, Tahiti 2013, and Russia 2021.

Selection process

On February 13, COES sent letters to the federations that will participate in San Salvador 2023 to propose two athletes (male and female) with the best historical results. To this end, a deadline was set for them to send their candidates.

In the next stage, the COES technical area refined the proposals and reduced the list of athletes to seven (three female and four male).

Finally, INDES president ad horem, Yamil Bukele, INDES sports manager, Dinora Acevedo, COES president, Armando Bruni, and COES director, Ana de Roca, were summoned.

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