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Ivonne Nóchez wishes for a medal at the 2023 San Salvador Games

2023 will be a special year for Ivonne Nóchez, recipient of the INDES grant for the sports merit, as she starts her stage as a major athlete, and will participate in her first Central American and Caribbean Games.  

The tree-times gold medalist of the World Skate Games Argentina 2022 has already defined her challenges for the next 12 months, in which she will try to establish herself as one of the leading figures of the region at her first Olympic event as a major athlete.

“I hope to be in the podium of the seniors category and to win the first place. I am competing in four speed events, which are the 100 meters, and 200 meters individual, round the circuit, 500 meters plus a middle-distance race, and the 1,000 meters race, which is the most complicated one. I can compete for a medal in the speed competitions, and I want to win the medal at these games, let’s hope it happens, even if it’s quite the challenge.” she expressed.

“I am moving to the majors, but the biggest change is the other athletes’ experience compared to mine, I am starting, and I am still adapting; in time, you start getting the hang of different strategies”, she said.

The skater was awarded the Athlete of the Year award at the E&G Awards on December 2022. Her competitive calendar starts with a trip to Cali, Colombia by the end of January, to start a training camp looking to the 2023 San Salvador Games.

“We’ll be in Cali for about four months with coach Orlando Yepes, we’re getting ready for the Central American and Caribbean Games. We’re planning to work on bike training, strength training, improving technique and tactics”, Nóchez explained.

Prior to the 2023 San Salvador Games, the 19-year-old Salvadoran skater also wishes to participate in the World Cups in Germany, and the Netherlands in April, which she considers an important warm-up that is still being considered.

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