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Judokas train with Cuban Olympic medalist

The Salvadoran national judo team completed its first week of training with Cuban Olympic medalist Oscar Rene Brayson, who will provide technical and tactical support to the national team in preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Brayson, bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and runner-up at the 2009 World Cup in Rotterdam, will work with the Salvadoran national team until May 15.

“I’m going to work for two months with the judo national team, the Central American and Caribbean Games are very close, and I come to support them in the technical and tactical part. I’m not coming to teach them judo but to teach them the tactical part in combat, postures, and other essential things,” said the coach, originally from Camagüey and considered a figure of Cuban sport.

Brayson’s record also includes gold medals in the Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro 2007 and Guadalajara 2011, in addition to four gold medals and nine silver medals in different Pan American judo championships.

Brayson started coaching in 2014 after a brilliant 15-year career as a Cuban national team member in the +100 kilograms categories.

“It’s a pleasant experience, it’s not always that we come across a world and Olympic medalist, who comes to correct us in the technical tactical aspect. In randori (freestyle practice) he has corrected me on posture, technique and how to keep my eyesight. I hope to improve my technique and be able to be on the podium in the San Salvador 2023 Games”, said Alejandra Ruiz, of the -57 kilograms category.

The head coach of the national team and the Salvadoran Judo Federation (Fesajudo), Oscar Henríquez, hopes that two months of work with the Caribbean coach help to improve specific aspects of the athletes in preparation for the Games. 

 “In order to have a better preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games in specific competition actions and in the competitive area, such as keeping a score and intensity, the federation has decided to bring three Cuban athletes and coach Oscar Brayson, who has a lot of experience”, Henríquez said.

The national judokas training with Brayson are: Estrella Gómez, Alejandra Ruiz, Michelle Mendoza, Katherine Córdoba, Saraí Mendoza, Daniela Henríquez, Jairo Moreno, Diego Cálix, Edwin Gutiérrez, Gustavo Eduardo López, Carlos Figueroa and Diego Turcios.

“Only three athletes have been able to compete (Jairo Moreno, Diego Cálix and Gustavo López) and we benefit by bringing these people, because the entire national team is being trained,” Henríquez emphasized.

According to the judo coach, the national representative in the -52 kilograms category, which will be disputed by Leslie Hernandez and Natalia Avalos, and the selection in the +100 kilograms category are still to be defined. 

“The Salvadoran judokas have a good technical level and can work well.  We are going to work on the physical aspect and in everything that is needed for the Games, I try to train them at the same rhythm the Cubans do. We are going to do everything that’s possible to get them in top shape, so they can earn as many medals as possible, that’s why we’re here”, the Caribbean mentioned.

Along with the world judo runner-up came Cuban judokas Kevin Fernandez,  Geovanny González and Leither Báez. 

“They are young athletes who already have results in national championships in Cuba, have participated in world youth and open tournaments with good technical level and will be very helpful to make randori,” added Brayson.

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