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Los Imparables Sports Party at Don Bosco School

This morning, Los Imparables (The Unstoppable Ones) visited Colegio Don Bosco in Soyapango to provide teachers and students with all the information about the San Salvador 2023 Games, which begin in just nine days.

Junior and senior high school students of the institution went to the multi-gymnasium to listen carefully to the information given by Mar Menjívar, Carlos Orellana, and Sonny Rivera, who are part of the Los Imparables team.

One of the announcements made by our charismatic spokespersons was that there would be a major surprise at the opening ceremony. The students insisted on knowing more details, but Sonny indicated that they should wait for the ceremony, which will be completely free of charge.

In addition, Los Imparables conducted activities with the students, such as jumping ropes and playing basketball, the prizes for which were promotional materials from San Salvador 2023.

On their tour of the day, Los Imparables also plan to visit radio 105.3, the Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador, Colegio Pellicer, and Foro 4 of TCS to bring the good news of the XXIV edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

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