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Los Imparables visited universities and media

Los Imparables (The Unstoppable Ones) visited this Tuesday the Universidad Pedagógica, in the Salvadoran capital, where they enjoyed a pleasant meeting with students of this educational institution.

During the activity, Mar Menjívar, Carlos Orellana and Sonny Rivera carried out recreational activities with the students and also gave away promotional items related to the San Salvador 2023 Games. Among the students who enjoyed the day were some of our volunteers, who said they were ready to collaborate in the organization of the oldest regional sporting event in the world.

One of those people was Andrea Salazar, who expressed her enthusiasm to be part of the San Salvador 2023 Games.

“It’s exciting to participate in an event this big despite my young age, the excitement of the street games, and other volunteers. I am very excited,” said Salazar.

The volunteer from the Transportation area also said she was optimistic for the sporting event that the country will host for the third time.

“My expectations are very high to see the competitions and the organization of other countries for the competitions, both physically and psychologically,” he mentioned.

Finally, when asked about her motivations for joining the Volunteer Program, Salazar said that the experience caught her attention.

“Having a nice experience, sharing with other people, seeing other people’s cultures, and the excitement of these events really catches my attention,” he finished.

Tour on Radio Sonora and Channel 12

LosLos Imparables continued their tour of the day on Radio Sonora and the show Hola El Salvador on Channel 12. On the radio, the charismatic youngsters shared with announcer Gabriela Rajo and her listeners many aspects of the games, for example, the details of the opening ceremony. 

In addition, they gave away San Salvador 2023 promotional items to the listener who guessed the names of the games’ mascots in the trivia game.

Channel 12 had the opportunity to announce to the viewers that the entrance to the opening ceremony will be free and 25,000 tickets will be issued. On the other hand, they said that an important international singer would be at the ceremony. Even though they were asked about it, Los Imparables kept silent and did not advance anything.

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