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Luis Mejía, President for Centro Caribe Sports: “The progress is remarkable”

As part of the roadmap towards the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, this Sunday a meeting was held between the Executive Board from Centro Caribe Sports and the Organizing Committee of the regional competition (COSSAN2023).

In this meeting, COSSAN2023 presented an update on the progress being made towards the games. In addition, together with the president of Centro Caribe Sports, Luis Mejía, some technical and organizational details of the sporting event were defined.


Luis Mejía, president of Centro Caribe Sports.

“In the previous meeting I was with the staff I work with, and I have been notified of the improvement in the performance of COSSAN2023, which is evidenced in this presentation,” said Mejia.

“I want to congratulate them because the progress is remarkable,” he said.


Dinora Acevedo, (right) general director for COSSAN2023.

Dinora Acevedo, General Director for COSSAN2023, took the opportunity to present some of the services that will be available to athletes, special guests and the different National Olympic Committees. At the same time, she explained the procedures that will be implemented for the development of important points such as visas, translators, anti-doping controls, transportation, lodging, among others.

Eduardo Álvarez, general secretary of Centro Caribe Sports, also participated in the meeting. Also Armando Bruni, President of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador, was present, as well as members of the Medical and Technical Commissions from the Dominican Republic’s sub-venue, among others.


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