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Maqui and Volco, the stars of the Lottery draw

This Wednesday, the Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia (National Lottery for Charity) held, as usual, its weekly drawing, and this time they decided to dedicate it to Maqui and Volco, the official mascots of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

The draw, which was broadcast on Channel 10 and Radio El Salvador, was attended by Valeria Molina and Paola Alvarenga, Marketing Coordinator and Planning Director of the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023), respectively.

Valeria, along with the presenters, was part of the draw, playing a leading role in the selection of balls and other important movements.

Afterward, Paola Alvarenga was accompanied by Fernando López, La Loteria’s commercial manager, for the ceremonial part of the event.

Alvarenga highlighted the values represented by Maqui and Volco and expressed her gratitude for the support of the LNB.


“These mascots represent many values that we have as youth, and athletes from the entire Central American and Caribbean region. The whole country has turned out to be the best host for this competition. We are pleased that everyone is joining in to celebrate this sporting event, including La Loteria,” said Alvarenga.

For his part, Fernando Lopez did not fail to highlight the importance of the official mascots for the San Salvador 2023 Games.

“Every world-class sporting event has iconic characters among its protagonists that give it color and life; without a doubt, the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 have their own. That is why we dedicate our raffle to Maqui and Volco, the official mascots of this event that is about to begin,” said Lopez.

Finally, the representative valued the significance that Maqui and Volco have for these games and for Salvadoran society.

“Maqui and Volco represent much more than these games; they are a symbol of our identity and resilience as Salvadoran people. Through their stories, they invite us to go beyond our limitations and to fight for our dreams with courage and determination,” he concluded.

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