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Massive announcement at UES to explain the Volunteering Program

This afternoon, dozens of students from different careers of Universidad de El Salvador (UES) gathered at the Herbert Anaya Sanabria auditorium of the Jurisprudence and Social Sciences Faculty to learn about the Volunteering Program for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

“We have done a massive calling to the whole university community to explain the volunteering process for the games. We expect to have an audience of about 300 or 400 people to inform them; and to sign up those who haven’t joined yet”, explained Jorge Cortez, coordinator of UES Student Life, prior to the meeting.

And actually, the expected amount of students attended the meeting, who took the opportunity to hear from different COSSAN2023 specialists to answer their questions; among those specialists were Hugo Salazar, volunteering chief, and representatives from the Protocol, Press, IT, Medicine, and Nutrition.

Salazar explained the process of the Volunteering Program and its different stages to the students. However, he stressed the academic factor, which means that the students that wish to do social hours should also inform their respective Social Outreach Units.

UES has signed up 1,300 people, among students and teachers, to be part of the volunteering team of the San Salvador 2023 Games. More than four thousand people have joined the program to date, thanks to the support of private universities, the National Institute of Youth (INJUVE), and the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation of San Salvador (IMDER).

“We have collaborated before, in 2002, we’re a venue again now. UES is working side by side on our country with the Central Government, we’re in talks with the president of INDES. We are thankful for the $30 million investment on the central campus, this helps us to encourage the cooperation between the State and UES” Cortez remarked.

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