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Minsal and COSSAN2023 train health personnel

This Monday, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) and the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023) began a training week at the Universidad Salvadoreña Alberto Masferrer, during which they will train nearly 600 people who will make up the health personnel responsible for medical attention at the regional sporting event.

On behalf of COSSAN2023, Dr. Rafael Morales and Dr. Henry Ramirez, members of the Medical and Anti-Doping Services area, opened the conference. According to Dr. Morales, “two important topics were addressed: sports doping and medical care during competition”.

In the case of sports doping, the presentation was given by Dr. Morales, coordinator of the area, where aspects such as the procedures to follow for doping control, regulations, prohibited substances, and exemptions, among others, were addressed.

On the subject of medical care during competition, the lecture was led by Dr. Henry Ramirez, who also serves as a doctor in the Department of Applied Sports Sciences of the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES), and the main topics consisted of the procedures to follow in case of medical assistance before, during, and after competitions, as well as in the Villa Centroamericana and the Caribbean, among others.

Following these presentations, Minsal staff presented the organization of working groups by sports venue that will be in place during the course of the San Salvador 2023 Games.

According to Dr. Morales, the objective of these lectures, which will take place throughout the week, is to train them to provide the best possible medical assistance to more than 6,000 athletes and delegates who will take part in the games, as well as fans, press personnel, members of the Organizing Committee, and anyone else who may require it.

“All the training is oriented to the health personnel that will be assisting in the different scenarios and in the villa, in the 24-hour clinics. Our objective is to present these topics to them so that they can be attentive to any health incident during the sporting events,” said Morales.

In Morales’ words, the priority of the area, with two months to go before the games, “is to train the personnel and provide adequate spaces where all personnel will be working, as well as clinics in the different scenarios so that they can perform their functions effectively”.

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