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Natalia Brenes, rhythmic gymnastics ITD, is satisfied with the Complejo Deportivo de Ciudad Merliot

This Thursday morning, Natalia Brenes, International Technical Delegate (ITD) for rhythmic gymnastics and representative of the Pan American Gymnastics Union, visited the Complejo Deportivo de Ciudad Merliot.

The delegate, of Costa Rican nationality, visited the venue where the rhythmic gymnastics discipline will take place and was accompanied by personnel from the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023) from the areas of Infrastructure, Sports, and Press and Protocol, with whom they were able to adjust the final plans of the competition venue.

Brenes was also able to answer some specific questions and offer suggestions so that rhythmic gymnastics can shine during the games to the rhythm of the best gymnasts in the region.

The delegate praised the conditions of the Ciudad Merliot Sports Complex and sees the San Salvador 2023 Games as an opportunity to have it in the best conditions.

“You have a great advantage because you have facilities that you have been able to preserve over time. Obviously, the passage of time is important, and these games give you the possibility to take them up again and fix them according to the demands of each sport. Definitely, you have a pretty good structure to make those improvements and present a suitable scenario for the games,” Brenes commented.

Regarding what the Salvadoran and international public can expect, Brenes emphasized that “rhythmic gymnastics, and gymnastics itself, is a spectacle of all sporting events; it offers many things. Rhythmic gymnastics is a wonderful sport, a very feminine sport, with many skills with their apparatuses; not only will they see the individual part but also the ensemble part, which is fascinating, and in the Olympic Games, rhythmic gymnastics is always a plus within all sports disciplines,” he commented.

Finally, the delegate also wanted to highlight the outstanding participation that will be seen when this competition begins.

“In the team part, we will undoubtedly have Mexico, which is placed among the best teams in the world; they have a very important trajectory. In the individual part, we have Marina Malpica, who is a gymnast who has been able to be among the first 8 or 10 places in the last World Cups. They are major figures in our area,” Brenes commented.

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