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“¡No voy a parar!” (I’m not gonna stop), the official song of the San Salvador 2023 Games

“Oh, oh, oh, oh I’m not going to stop eh, eh, eh, eh time to go beyond”, that’s how the chorus of the catchy song that becomes, as of today, the official melody of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 begins.

The official song of the San Salvador 2023 Games was announced by Yamil Bukele, president of the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games (COSSAN2023).

“¡No voy a parar” Here is the official song of our XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games

@Ssalvador2023”, Bukele posted in his social media accounts earlier today.

According to the COSSAN2023 president, the tune can be listened to and downloaded at the Spotify link: y en YouTube:

The song

“¡No voy a Parar!” is performed by Central Americans Zaki, Leena Bae, Mayki Graff, and Sebas Barcenas, and was produced by Moises Plazola, Marcos Diaz, and Jimo Bastian.

The lyrics of the song (which you can find below) are about everything that happens around a competition. The bravery, courage, and, above all, the companionship that the athletes who participate in a competition, and in this particular case, in the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, must have.

The rhythm of the music is catchy and invites you to sing and move your body without stopping. It also injects positive energy, which is needed at the time of training, competing, and shouting the word victory.

Here are the lyrics. Let’s sing together!

that’s how life is, let’s give it all

clock keeps on ticking

keep playing hard, party’s not over yet.

Hungry for victory, we win the battles.

With blood, sweat, and tears we give it all.

Taking the lead, I’m just getting started

to be the price of this land and my mother.

Light up the skies to have a good time

we jump on the pitch to be a team

Win or lose, we’re all having fun

Hattrick, the pride of the country.

There’s nothing deeper or more intense

than the pride of being in this instance.

We will go beyond time and leave our mark

Nothing can stop me now

Unwavering faith, on my way to the top

I’m not gonna stop

There’s no turning back

’till we reach the top.

I’m not gonna stop

standing our ground

It’s time to go beyond.

I’m not gonna stop

I can’t help feeling pumped.

This is my own fight

it drives me to get what I want.

I’m not gonna stop

This goes for my people

The voice of my land.

I’m not gonna stop,

we’re here to have fun

We came here to win

We came here to win

Land of seas, volcanos, and valleys

and streets with people brimming with love

Deep pride and feeling within our hearts

God, Union, Liberty, we say it out loud.

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