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Our volunteers welcomed the month of games with enthusiasm and joy

June is here, and we are only 21 days away from the start of our XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, a goal that our volunteers have very much in mind.

On Thursday morning, they once again took to the streets of the capital to share their joy and enthusiasm for the upcoming San Salvador 2023 Games.

Avenida Bernal and Calle San Antonio Abad were witness to the harmony, camaraderie, and joviality of the games’ volunteer group, who were sharing information with drivers, encouraging them to attend the competitions, and giving them promotional stickers.

Marta Lilian Quijada, a volunteer who was part of the Organizing Committee of the 2002 San Salvador Games in the area of psychological evaluation of the volunteers, participated in this activity. Today, Quijada decided to register as a volunteer and live the experience from another perspective.

“The sensations are of joy, motivation, enthusiasm, and energy every day. With the will to give to others what one has and can give. In 2002, I participated in evaluating about 5,000 volunteers in the psychological area. It was a beautiful, motivating, and excellent job, representing and projecting our country,” she said.

Quijada, who will be stationed at the new Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe at the Universidad de El Salvador (UES) during the games, also spoke about her experience so far.

“You have no idea of how motivated I am; since the recruitment of volunteers began, I signed up. I was out of the country, but I have been doing the training, telling them, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming’, and now I am helping in the promotion of the games,” said a very excited Marta Lilian.

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