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President of COSSAN2023 met virtually with the team from Santo Domingo sub-venue

This morning, the president of the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, Yamil Bukele, held a virtual meeting with the work team from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to draw up the roadmap that will lead to a successful organization of the oldest event in the region.

Bukele expressed that, despite the short time available to organize the sporting event, there is enthusiasm that the 24th edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games will be historic.

“I think we all are excited to do it the best way and, why not to say it, to make the best games in history. I wish you all the best and hope we can raise the name of both countries, Dominican Republic and El Salvador, to the highest level. We are strategic partners”, Bukele emphasized.

Work team from Santo Domingo sub-venue.

José Monegro, head of the Dominican Republic’s sub-venue team, said that both committees and their technical staff will work closely for the success of the games, which will begin on June 23rd.

“We have undertaken it with great enthusiasm since the beginning because we have made a lot of connection with El Salvador, a country that is held in high esteem in Dominican Republic. We will be setting up working groups for specific areas and with those working groups we will work with San Salvador,” Monegro declared.

El Salvador has already made progress in areas such as volunteering, elaboration of technical manuals, technology, TV production and image of the games; so there is a willingness to create binational virtual work tables to share these advances, informed the General Director of COSSAN2023, Dinora Acevedo, who also participated in the meeting.

Dinora Acevedo, General Director of COSSAN2023.

The president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador, Armando Bruni, acknowledged the progress made by COSSAN2023.

“I want to thank the local team for everything that is being done and thank our friends from Dominican Republic for sharing this project that is very important for us. The relationships with Dominican Republic have always been extremely good and I think these games are a sign of the good relations we have between both countries,” commented Bruni.

The sports competitions to be held in Santo Domingo venue are: riffle shooting, racquetball, taekwondo, equestrian, canoeing, field hockey and pentathlon.

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