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Qualification to the Pan American Games motivates the rowers towards San Salvador 2023 Games

Adriana Escobar, Roberto López and the Karla Calvo-Anne-Andrée Sirois duo, all athletes of INDES’ Effort and Glory Program, qualified for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games in open singles and open women’s doubles, respectively.

The Salvadorans earned their places for the greatest sporting event in the Americas during their participation in the Pre-Pan American Championship that took place in Laguna Grande, Chile, from April 15 to 19.

In Adriana’s case, she explained that she qualified for open single and went from being close to retirement in 2021 to qualifying for her third consecutive Pan American Games.

“I am very happy with the qualification because I was going to retire in 2021, but I decided to continue for a little longer. I have done very well in the latest competitions, besides the fact that the objective of this competition was met, which was to qualify,” explained the athlete who represented El Salvador in the Pan American Games Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019.

Adriana added that her reason for retiring from rowing was to concentrate on her career in Preschool Education.

“I wanted to start working and finish studying; I wanted to start at a more serious professional level, and I had decided to stop rowing, but I was encouraged because a colleague of mine started rowing again (Karla Calvo), so I decided to stay,” said the athlete, who has already had 12 years of a sporting career in rowing. 

Escobar also mentioned that the projections for the Pan American Games have changed a little because the program no longer includes the lightweight single category, and she will now compete in open weight single. 

The qualification for Santiago 2023 gives Adriana Escobar more motivation for her next challenge: the San Salvador 2023 Games. “For me, everything is focused on the preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games.  In last year’s qualification, I got four bronze medals, and in the San Salvador 2023 Games I would like to have a silver medal; that is what I am aiming for”, she said.

Roberto López also secured his ticket to the Santiago 2023 Games in open weight singles by finishing in ninth place in the qualifiers. 


“It will be my second participation in the Pan American Games; the first was in Guadalajara 2011. I missed Toronto 2015, and I did not qualify for Lima 2019. Now I am very happy with the classification; we have prepared very well, and we have had a very productive training camp in Argentina. Plus, with the work we did in El Salvador, we managed to position ourselves very well to opt for one of the 12 places granted by this event,” said Lopez, an athlete with a career spanning more than 12 years. 

López stressed that the Pan American ticket gives him greater confidence and motivation to continue his preparation for the San Salvador 2023 Games, an event in which he has medal aspirations.

After their participation, the last place for Salvadoran rowing was obtained by Karla Calvo and Anne-Andrée Sirois, athletes of the Effort and Glory Program, in the women’s double sculls.

After his participation in Chile, Roberto commented that he will travel to Switzerland. “I am actually flying to Switzerland for the graduation of a coaching course in Lausanne. The project I will carry out in this course deals with the recruitment and identification of athletes for rowing, starting from the promotion of the practice of this sport to the types of evaluations and the training program with a projection of one year of training”, he said.

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