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Salvadoran bowling starts defining its national team

The Salvadoran Bowling Federation (Fesabowl) is organizing the Selective Process 1, which seeks to define the 12 players (six men and six women) that will represent El Salvador in the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

A total of 20 bowlers are looking to qualify for San Salvador 2023, with 11 men and 9 women, in a competition that is taking place in the facilities of Galaxy Bowling, in the Salvadoran capital.

Mauricio Galdámez, technical manager of Fesabowl and coach of national teams, explained the process that the Salvadoran players have followed since last year.

“The qualifying process for the Central American and Caribbean Games began in 2022, when we drew the pre-selection team made up of 11 men and nine women who have been training since February of last year, until today, when we are in the selective process. We will select six players in each branch who will represent us in the games,” said Galdámez.

To select the bowlers that will participate in the San Salvador 2023 Games, Galdámez explained that different aspects are being evaluated, with performance being the main one, but also including commitment, assistance, physical and psychological condition, technique, and tactics.

Among the players that have stood out during the selection process are Jeamy Escobar and Miguel Mejía, who have demonstrated great performance and commitment in their training sessions.

Mejía said he was satisfied with his performance. “I feel good, I feel I’m strong, and that all that training and preparation has worked. Today was the last test of these past three or four months, in which we had harsh training sessions in preparation for the games, but we’re seeing that all the effort has been worth it. It has been a lot of hard work, long training hours at the gym and the bowling alley alike”, he added.

On his part, Escobar shared part of the work he has done to make it into the team. “I have been training, and preparing mentally in my game, being more confident when making a move during the competition. I feel stronger for tournaments, it has been a great competition”, she said.

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