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San Salvador 2023: It’s time to go beyond

This Monday, the president of the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023), Yamil Bukele, presented the official image of the twenty-fourth edition of this competition, that will be hosted in the Salvadoran capital from June 23rd to July 8th this year.

With the slogan: IT’S TIME TO GO BEYOND, Bukele introduced the logo for San Salvador 2023 to the athletic family of the region, which biggest highlights are the seven stars forming a circle; this represents the constant movement, the evolution, and the transformation process that’s happening in El Salvador.

“Stars have guided mankind since its origins, and they have become a symbol that represents harmony, prosperity, and glory. These stars in our logo represent: progress, trust, prosperity, hope, energy, innovation, and courage”, stated Bukele.

After revealing the official logo of the Games, the functionary highlighted the positive changes that El Salvador had during the last months.

“It is no coincidence. Nobody is as committed with the development of El Salvador as we are, as this Government is. Tourism has increased, the population feels safe thanks to the frontal fight against gangs and organized crime, the support and the athletic results are at the sight of everybody”, emphasized Bukele in his presentation speech.

The president of COSSAN2023 reminded, “sport is also a long-term process, and we also know that dreams can come true. That’s why this is the moment to transcend, just like the slogan of the twenty-fourth Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023”.

The functionary also emphasized the joint efforts of the Cabinet of Sports, formed by different entities of the government of the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, in a clear and sound faith in sports.

“With these games, we are reasserting the commitment with the Salvadoran athletic family. Thanks to the support of our associates from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, that provided us with financing of up to $115.2 million dollars. Nine stages are being worked on to become into venues for the competitions that will start on June 23rd, and will conclude on July 8th this year”, the functionary declared.

He also spoke about the investment that’s being made into Universidad de El Salvador, which will work as a Sports Village.

“Moreover, we are investing $30 million dollars on the infrastructure of the main campus of Universidad de El Salvador, that will act as the Sports Village for this event. As you can see, the legacy is not only athletic, but it will also be for the sports community of this alma mater”, he added.

Bukele pointed out that in July 2020, Panama declined the organization of the Central American and Caribbean Games 2022 as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. “In El Salvador, we saw that news as an opportunity. We knew that our country didn’t host an event like this over the last twenty years. We knew that our country was changing, it was becoming a safer, more modern nation. We knew that we were fighting COVID-19 in the best way possible. We knew that this was our chance”, said the president of COSSAN2023.

“We spoke to the President of the Republic, Najib Bukele, and we brought up the scenario. It was a tough challenge, but we liked that. That’s why we proposed Centro Caribe Sports to give us the opportunity to host the twenty-fourth edition of these games. Puerto Rico also presented their candidacy. But after they desisted, on May 16th, 2021, we received the notification that San Salvador would host, after 21 years, the Central American and Caribbean Games. From that moment on, we haven’t had time to rest. All we can think of is our desire to demonstrate that El Salvador is a better country now. In every aspect. Sports will not be left behind.”, Bukele added.

The event was also attended by Luis Mejía, president of Centro Caribe Sports (CCS), who recognized the work that is being done by COSSAN2023, despite the reduced time to organize the sports event.

“This is a magical moment, since you are not only representing the people of El Salvador. You must represent all of us. Since tonight, you will become the capital of sports”, Mejía said.

El Salvador will host the Central American and Caribbean Games for the third time in history. The first time was in 1935, and the second one in 2002.


As for Armando Bruni, president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador (COES), he thanked CCS for the opportunity that was granted to El Salvador to hold this important regional event.

“I want to thank @CentroCaribeS for the opportunity they have given El Salvador to organize these Games. As president Mejía said: ‘we are organizing in two years what any other country would in six.’ “, pointed out Bruni.

For the twenty-fourth edition, 32 sports will be held in San Salvador, and six in the secondary venue in Santo Domingo, with adds up to a total of 54 sports disciplines. There will be 433 events during the 17 days of competition, in 21 venues, and 48 stages that are being used.

The event was also joined by the president of the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation of the Mayor of San Salvador (MIDER), Mónica Fuentes, who pointed out the importance of this sports event.

“On behalf of the Mayor of San Salvador, Mario Durán, we are joining this great sports party that will leave an important legacy to our country.”

More than 5,000 athletes from 37 countries (31 national Olympic committees from over six overseas territories associated to Centro Caribe Sports) are expected to participate.

In total, COSSAN2023 has written 50 technical manuals, this event will also have the participation of 43 international technical delegates (DTI).

The games will start on June 23rd, and will conclude on July 8th. Both ceremonies will be held in Estadio Nacional Jorge “El Mágico” González.


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