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San Salvador 2023 kicked off with exciting victories

The XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 began this Wednesday with beach volleyball and table tennis, held at the Estadio Nacional Costa del Sol and the Complejo Deportivo El Polvorín, respectively.

The exciting women’s beach volleyball matches of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 began with great intensity. The six groups are in full swing, already showing the different pairings and strategies they will use to claim a spot on the coveted podium.

In Group A, Jamaica (represented by Kelly and Smith) showed their dominance by defeating Cayman Islands (Tulloch and Gaetos) with a score of 2-0 (21-15, 21-10). This Thursday, they will face Flores and Gutierrez of Mexico, who did not participate on Wednesday, in an exciting battle for first place in the group.

In Group B, both Colombia (Beltran and Yanely) and the Dominican Republic won their respective matches. They will now face each other at 9:00 a.m. to determine who takes first place in Group B.

In Group C, the Centro Caribe Sports (CCS) team of Giron and Bethancourt defeated Panama (Wilson and Cuero), while the Virgin Islands (Almeida and Benneth) did the same with Antigua (Edwards and Lewis). Now, these teams will face each other to decide who advances as group leader.

In Group D, Venezuela (Gabi and Juliennis) and Nicaragua (Silva and Lolette) won their respective matches against Grenada (Thornia and Stafford) and St. Kitt and Nevis (Allen and Lake), respectively. Tomorrow will determine who takes first place in this exciting group.

In Group E, Costa Rica (Williams and Quesada) defeated Trinidad and Tobago (Joseph and Glasgow), while Puerto Rico (Gonzalez and Navas) did the same against Honduras (Murillo and Bruhier). These teams will face each other in a crucial match to determine who tops Group E.

Table tennis did not fall behind

At the Complejo Deportivo El Polvorín, table tennis started its participation in the games with exciting matches that had as highlights the Puerto Rican victories in both categories: male and female.

Adriana Diaz, one of the best in the region, had no difficulty defeating Venezuelan Mariangel Diaz. Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican duo of Brianna Burgos and Melanie Diaz did the same with their Venezuelan pair of Roxi Gonzalez and Camila Obando.

At the end of the day, Cuba defeated the athletes of Centro Caribe Sports in a very tight series (3-2). The duo of Lucia Cordero and Hidalynn Zapata for Centro Caribe Sports defeated Cuba’s Idalys Lovet and Lizdainet Rodriguez.

Daniela Fonseca vindicated the Cubans by defeating Mabelyn Enriquez. Cuba’s Idalys Lovet did the same with Lucia Cordero of Centro Caribe Sports.

Mabelyn Enriquez got her revenge when she defeated Lizdainet Rodriguez, but in the final game Daniela Fonseca secured the victory for Cuba by defeating Hidalynn Zapata and defining the series for the Cubans with a 3-2 win.

Gymnastics is ready to go

At the Complejo Deportivo de Ciudad Merliot, artistic gymnastics began activities at the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador El Salvador with podium training for Panama, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and El Salvador.

In the first turn were the Cubans, defending champions of artistic gymnastics, who brought in Alejandro de La Cruz Gato, Pan American champion in Lima 2019, who demonstrated his technique. The Cuban delegation is made up of 10 gymnasts.

For El Salvador, Pablo Velásquez performed his podium training today and did his pommel horse, beam, and bars routines together with gymnasts from Costa Rica, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

The first artistic gymnastics medals will be disputed starting June 24.

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