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San Salvador 2023 Torch begins its tour throughout the country with the help of thousands of students

The Central American and Caribbean Fire began its journey this morning through the 14 departments of El Salvador after arriving from Mexico last night.

Students from the Colegio Belén Villa Palestina of San Luis Talpa took the torch that was left the day before at the San Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez International Airport and carried it to the park in the municipality of San Luis Talpa, La Paz.

One by one, the students passed the torch along the way and heralded the arrival of the San Salvador 2023 Games, which officially begin on June 23.

The schoolchildren were cheered by thousands of people who had poured into the streets to see the torch pass, but they were not alone; a contingent of soldiers, police, Cruz Verde volunteers, members of Civil Protection, and representatives of the Ministries of Health and Education accompanied them on the route.

Almost half a dozen schools participated in the fire march that made its first stop at the auditorium of the San Luis Talpa square. 

Nearly 100 students witnessed the presentation of the torch to the governor of La Paz, Victor Manuel Coto, who gave a welcoming speech and a historical review of the New Fire.

After several artistic acts, the torch departed in the hands of schoolchildren for Sunset Park, located in Surf City, La Libertad.

The band of the Complejo Educativo Gral. Gerardo Barrios of Tamanique, the governor of La Libertad, Evelyn Bran Martínez, and the mayor of Puerto de La Libertad, Adelio Ortiz, were waiting for them. 

Both officials, along with the departmental director of education, Juan Carlos Arteaga, received the torch and lit the cauldron so that the New Fire will stay there until tomorrow, when it leaves for the western part of the country, specifically Sonsonate.

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