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San Salvador 2023 volunteers receive financial education training

The Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023), through the Volunteering Program in collaboration with the Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (Bandesal), organized today a conference on financial education at the Teatro Presidente, where more than 1,100 volunteers participated out of the 7,500 registered in the program.

This activity allowed participants to meet other volunteers, expand their networks with COSSAN2023 staff, and also update their personal information for the start of the games.

During the conference, there were also different recreational activities, games, raffles, and prizes for some participating volunteers, in an event that was undoubtedly of great benefit to the volunteers.

Alexander Rodríguez, technician of the Volunteer Program, commented on the objective of this type of event and the importance of promoting contact among volunteers.

“The goal is to have direct contact with all these people who will bring the games to life. And in addition to having direct contact, one of the pillars of the Volunteer Program is continuous and permanent training; training these people in financial education is a topic that will serve them not only in their personal lives but also in their work lives,” he said.

Rodriguez was also clear that the games are getting closer and that the work of the volunteers will be vital for the development of the regional sports event. “There is no turning back (regarding the games); we are in the final stretch, we are 43 days away, and we maintain direct contact with all the volunteers; there is no week or weekend that we are not active with them,” he said.

Beatriz Penado, a volunteer who was attending the activity and who will collaborate with the protocol area, was very pleased with the event and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

“I feel that it will be an experience that I have never lived before. I am very excited because I have never been involved in such a big initiative. It was a friend who told me that I had the opportunity to participate, and here I am. I like the idea of being in the games now that they will be hosted here after so many years,” she commented.

Penado also highlighted the meaning that volunteering in these games has for her and the satisfaction she experiences from it. “I invest my free time in these volunteering because they are fulfilling; the gain is different; it is gratifying to know that someone learned something that you already knew, and that is what motivated me to continue getting involved,” she said.

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