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The president of the Organizing Committee for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023), Yamil Bukele, said today that in the regional competition to be held from June 23rd to July 8th, a total of 465 events will be contested, delivering 1,499 medals, distributed as follows: 465 gold, 465 silver and 569 bronze.

A total of 38 sports will be contested, 32 of them and 45 sports disciplines will be held in the salvadoran city, while 6 sports and 9 sports disciplines will be held in the Santo Domingo sub-venue.

Bukele detailed that, for organizational purposes, seven clusters have been designated to group the sports according to the venue where they will be developed, as follows:

Ciudad Merliot (Complejo Deportivo Ciudad Merliot)

Complejo acuático                                              Swimming, Water polo

Canchas de tenis                                                  Tennis

Polígono de tiro con arco                                  Archery

Edificio de gimnasia                                            Gymnastics (artistic, rhythmic, trampoline)

Ecoparque El Espino                                           MTB Cycling      

Avenida Jerusalén                                                Road Cycling

Estadio Las Delicias                                             Football 11

  • “Mágico” González
  • Estadio Nacional Jorge “El Mágico” González             Athletics
  • Cuna del Mágico                                                                 Wrestling
  • Polígono de tiro deportivo                                               Shooting
  • Parque de Pelota Saturnino Bengoa                             Baseball
  • Colegio San Francisco                                                        Women’s Volleyball
  • El Polvorín (Complejo Deportivo El Polvorín)
  • Centro acuático                                                   Diving, Artistic Swimming
  • Coliseo                                                                   Badmintong, Boxing
  • Velódromo                                                            Track Cycling
  • Patinódromo                                                         Speedskating (track)
  • Complejo Deportivo Flor Blanca
  • Gimnasio Nacional José Adolfo Pineda          Basketball
  • Gimnasio de voleibol                                          Weightlifting, Netball
  • Estadio de deportes de playa                           Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball
  • Carlos “El Famoso” Hernández
  • Palacio de los Deportes                                      Karate, Men’s Volleyball, Table Tennis
  • Plaza Barrios                                                         3×3 Basketball
  • Estadio Pablo Arnoldo Guzmán                        Softball
  • UES                                                                          Fencing, Judo and Rubgy 7
  • Villa CARI                                                               Bowling
  • Ilopango                                                                                     
  • Lago de Ilopango                                                 Rowing, Sailing, Open Water Swimming
  • Ciudadela Don Bosco                                         Handball
  • Externals
  • Teatro Presidente                                                Bodybuilding
  • Hotel Terraza                                                        Chess
  • Centro Ecuestre San Andrés                              BMX
  • Comalapa- Usulután                                            Road Cycling (time trial)              
  • Costa del Sol                                                         Triathlon
  • El Encanto                                                              Golf
  • Punta Roca                                                            Surf
  • Circuito Metrocentro                                          Racewalking, Half Marathon and Skating (road)

Regarding food, the COSSAN2023 president detailed that approximately 400,000 food plates will be served during the competition, including those for athletes, coaches, delegates, officials, volunteers, medical and security staff, as well as members from the organizing committee.

“It will be a buffet-style service. Everything will have its caloric and nutritional information. The dining room will have an area of 3,825 square meters, with a high traffic plastic floor, two pavilion-type tents and a complete aluminum structure with covered and side tarps and windows.  One of the tents will be 12 meters high and the other 8 meters high, and will be fully lighted and air-conditioned for the comfort of the athletes. We will be able to attend, simultaneously, 1,500 athletes”, said Bukele.

“The Ministry of Health will verify the compliance of the good manufacturing practices, both in storage and production areas, as well as in the distribution of food,” added the official.

Regarding the joint work with other State ministries involved in the Sports Cabinet, the official gave as an example what has been done in the Management Table of Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe (UES).

This working group has received the support of the San Salvador City Hall in gardening and outdoors at the University of El Salvador, as well as the waste management, cleaning of outdoors and the cultural and artistic offer for the sports delegations.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Works has also improved the facilities of the university, which will serve as accommodation for the athletes during the event.

Meanwhile, CORSATUR has supported with the tourist offer for the sports delegations, while the Ministry of Culture will develop the cultural programs, supported by the University of El Salvador.

In addition, Dirección General de Protección Civil and Cuerpo de Bomberos de El Salvador are supporting the emergency and prevention plans in the sports village.

“This is just an example of the work being done with other government institutions, both ministries and secretariats and self-governments. We thank them all for their willingness and for the time they are dedicating to the organization of the games,” Bukele emphasized.

Regarding the progress in the works at the UES and the venues that will host the games’ competitions, the COSSAN2023 president restated that they are “on time and on track”.


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