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Short-listed bodybuilding athletes participated in the second technical-tactical check

The XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 is one of the main competitions for which the athletes of the Salvadoran Bodybuilding Federation (FSFC) are preparing.

In this regard, the federation organized the second technical-tactical check on Saturday. It had the participation of the 24 short-listed athletes who will be participating in the next international events, and who also wish to be part of the national team for the San Salvador 2023 Games.

“We have conducted our second tactical-technical check with the athletes who want to be in the Games. This time, we are evaluating basic poses. We want them to be in top condition, because we intend to win that competition”, Fabricio Hernández, president of the FSFC, expressed.


At the same time, Hernández stated that the national team for the San Salvador 2023 Games will be formed by seven athletes, four men and three women. That is why they are working with three short-listed athletes per category, and he also affirmed that all of them are receiving economical and technical support. 

“Our goal is to support the athletes in everything during their preparation. This is a joint effort between the federation along with El Salvador National Institute of Sports (INDES) through additional budget allocation, that allows us to help the athletes with nourishment and allowances”, the head of the federation explained. 

Prior to San Salvador 2023, the FSFC is preparing to organize the Qualifying National Championship, and the Central American Championship, both taking place in El Salvador during May. 


“Prior to the Games, we will organize the Qualifying National Championship, scheduled for May 13th. After that event, we will host the Central American Championship, in which we will compete in twelve categories. The short-listed athletes will be there, and the event will help us to define our national team”, Fabricio stated. 

On the other hand, the athletes were part of a social media seminar titled “Let’s demonstrate that we are the sport of the moment”, given by Tatiana Menjívar, the Community Manager of the federation.

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