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SISA is the official insurance company of the San Salvador Games 2023

The president of SISA Seguros, Eduardo Montenegro, announced this morning the official sponsorship of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

“I am sure that we are going to have the best Central American Games and that this effort confirms the commitment of the Government of El Salvador with the youth,” said Montenegro during a press conference with the attendance of the president of the San Salvador 2023 Games Committee, Yamil Bukele.

The sponsorship of SISA Seguros implies that athletes, judges, officials, referees, and all personnel working in the organization of the games will be insured.

Montenegro added that as the official insurance company, they will provide the necessary insurance for the games, “insurance that covers life, accidents, and the health of all the athletes and delegations that will participate”.

And indeed, the policy of SISA Seguros, a company with 61 years of experience in providing protection to individuals and companies, includes life insurance, traffic accidents, and liability insurance.

“SISA Seguros has a deep commitment to El Salvador, and that is why we do not hesitate to sponsor what we believe will be the best Central American and Caribbean Games in a long time. We hope that the country will shine and that the athletes will give their best,” Montenegro said.

For his part, Bukele thanked Montenegro for SISA Seguros’ sponsorship.

“I am eternally grateful on behalf not only of the Government of the Republic, of President Nayib Bukele, but also on behalf of INDES, of the Organizing Committee, of all the athletes and the entire sports family of El Salvador, and I think we should also add, of Central America and the Caribbean,” said Bukele.

The president of the San Salvador 2023 Games Committee highlighted the trust placed in SISA Seguros for the realization of the sporting event.

“It is necessary that companies like SISA join this effort; first, because they trust us; second, because they are the best insurance company; and third, because we cannot fail to cover and protect all those who are going to visit us and all Salvadorans who are involved in this event,” he said.

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