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¡Soccer groups for the San Salvador 2023 Games have been decided!

This Saturday, the competition format was made official, as were the participants who will be competing for the medals to be awarded in soccer during the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, a sport that will be played from Saturday, June 24 to Friday, July 7, at an upgraded Estadio Nacional Las Delicias.

In both the men’s and women’s divisions, nine national teams will participate in a round-robin format (all against all), in which the two best teams in each group will qualify for the semifinals.

The two winners of the semifinals will play for the gold in the final.

Meanwhile, the losing teams in the semifinals will also face each other in a game that will define the team that will step onto the podium to receive the bronze medal.

For the men, Group A will be made up of Mexico (gold medalist in Veracruz 2014), El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela (silver medalist in Veracruz 2014).

Group B will feature Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, and Colombia.

In the case of the women’s division, Group A will be made up of Costa Rica (bronze medalist at Veracruz 2014), Haiti, Guatemala, and Venezuela.

Group B will be Jamaica, Mexico (gold in Veracruz 2014), Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Colombia (silver in Veracruz 2014).

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